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Improved Chronotype Quiz + Answers to Your Questions

Michael here! Today I'm excited to tell you about our new Sleep Chronotype Quiz. I'll also cover our wins, our learnings, and your questions.
Author avatar: Michael Byrne Michael Byrne June 28, 2024 4 min read

Chronotype Quiz 📱

Our Sleep Chronotype Quiz has been improved and approved by industry sleep experts. The Chronotype Quiz is a great tool to help you understand your Circadian Rhythm and will play a big role in building your profile in the Bía app.

It's well known that our bodies produce melatonin when it's dark outside, however, it turns out that that some of us produce melatonin quickly and others quite slowly, generally in a window of about 3 hours. This means some people will feel sleepy earlier in the day, and others won't feel sleepy until late into the night.

In the past you would need to do a whole suite of tests, including blood and DNA to determine your Chronotype. However, quizzes like the one we've developed have been scientifically validated against those tests.

We've also added a new feature to the Chronotype Quiz that compares your Chronotype with your sleep partner. It's super fun! It will help you understand how to support your partner when they fall asleep on the couch at 9pm while you're still wired and trying to fall asleep at 11pm.

Our Wins & Learnings 🏆

🏆 Travel is booked! Andrew will be spending most of July meeting with our suppliers and manufacturers overseas. I'm planning a trip over late August as a follow-up to oversee production.

🏆 We received praise for going above and beyond from an electrical safety consultant with the Canadian government. The standard is to have each battery equipped with it's own safety chips and mechanisms. We went the extra mile to improve safety by adding a 2nd battery management chip inside Bía.

🚩 Bía uses red/green/blue LEDs to create the beautiful sunrise / sunset experience within the mask. However, through testing, we've noticed the blues are twice as strong as the reds. This turns the sunset into more of a bluish "moonset". Good news is we can shift the colours using software by adjusting our color algorithms.

Your Comments, Our Responses ⚡

What's the update on the timeline?

While I don't have a substantial update for you this week I can let you know where we're at with the major components:

Electronics: Delayed 1 week as a reel of resistors was misplaced. A new reel has been ordered and we're expecting our test boards to finish in 2 weeks. We'll make sure to show you pictures of the new boards when they arrive.

Soft Goods: Andrew, one of the co-founders, will be meeting with our overseas suppliers and manufacturers to talk through production. Creating the foam is our biggest challenge and it's incredibly important that we get it right.

Once we've visited manufacturers I'll have concrete deadlines ready for you.

How does Bluetooth work? Can I disable it? 

We've added some GREAT touches to Bía's Bluetooth code that I think everyone will enjoy.

Since you're not able to see your phone when you're wearing Bía we've added programming to turn off Bluetooth when it detects that it's on your head.

That means it's only active when you set a program before bed and to upload the data when you wake up.

The exception is if you choose to enable Bluetooth streaming to listen to your own music or audiobook. In those cases we'll give you the option to either leave Bluetooth on throughout the night or "Auto-pause" and turn off Bluetooth once Bía detects that you've fallen asleep.

Can we get more photos / videos / infographics?

Short answer is yes! We'll send photos and videos back from our manufacturers as well as the electronics in the next couple of weeks.

Are you planning on integrating into other health apps?

We're planning on integrating into Apple Health and Google Fit for launch, and other services like Cronometer about a year later. If there is an app or service you would like us to integrate with Bía let us know by taking the Founders Survey.


What did you think of this update? Let me know!

Take the Founder Feedback Survey

Thanks again for all your support and as always, feel free to email your questions, comments, and concerns.

Sleep well,

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