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Bía Smart Sleep Mask
Unlock the power
of a restful sleep
Bía Sleep uses Neurofeedback to help you control, improve, and master your sleep. With a deep history improving cognitive health, Bía will be the first to use neurofeedback for sleep in your own home.

Meet the most cutting-edge and sophisticated Sleep Mask ever

from $379
Clinically Proven Neurofeedback
Helps to measure, control, and improve your sleep by guiding your brain through the sleep stages.
Fall asleep faster with Spheric Sound
Unlock your potential with Sleep Empowerment
When you wake up, it’s not about how you slept last night, it’s about what you can do right now to have a great day.

Bia Neuroscience is breaking the mold with their use of innovative technology in their sleep mask.

Janet K. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

The Bia Sleep is unlike any other wearable on the market. Bia Neuroscience has really cracked the code for sleep wearables.

Geoff Eade, RPSGT, CCSH
Sleep Technologist

"Bia Sleep really is a game changer for the sleep industry! I can't wait to see the impact they create!"

Gary J Allman
Entrepreneur & Sleep Coach

"Sleep is crucial for overall health and wellness. Bia Sleep seeks to transform how psychological sleep data is captured in order to guide better healthy sleep habits."

Joshua Roland, MD, FAASM
Sleep Medicine Physician

"I am eager to try Bia Sleep with my clients and see how it helps their progress."

Pat Byrne
Author of Inconvenient Sleep

"I am so excited to see Neurofeedback being used for sleep."

Ellen Weiss
Certified Health Coach

"All my co-workers have pre-ordered a Bia Sleep Mask. It's the best option out there, no questions asked"

Flight Attendant

"Sleep is critical for long, healthy living. This technology could greatly enhance the quality of life for many in a positive way."

Jonathan Randle
Certified Sleep Coach

"I plan on using Bia Sleep so I can sleep during the day while working night shifts. The 100% blackout feature is crucial for a good sleep"


"As an Olympian and triathlete, understanding sleep and its effect on your body is of utmost importance to performance. I'm looking forward to Bia Sleep."

Jarrod Shoemaker
Professional Triathlete
Review by: Janet K. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Review by: Geoff Eade, RPSGT, CCSH
Review by: Gary J Allman
Review by: Joshua Roland, MD, FAASM
Review by: Pat Byrne
Review by: Ellen Weiss
Review by: Cleo
Review by: Jonathan Randle
Review by: Sarah
Review by: Jarrod Shoemaker
Experience unparalleled comfort with our curated blend of fibers, designed to keep you cool, dry, and cozy all night long.
100% Blackout
100% Blackout
The 3D contoured design ensures no pressure on the eyes, while the absence of hard parts and buckles guarantees a comfortable fit.
Open cell foam and microdot binding allows hot air to escape keeping your face cool all night long.
Soft Everything
Soft Everything
No hard parts, no buckles, just one comfortable fit. Each piece of technology is meticulously placed to ensure you don't feel pressure when sleeping on your back or on your side.
100% Blackout
Soft Everything
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Every hero needs a trusted sidekick

With the Bía Sleep mobile app, we’re joining you on the journey to sleep mastery
Bía Sleep Mask and App
Deep insights: sleep scores
Empowered Performance
A great day begins with a great night. We not only tell you how well you slept, we give you actions to take right now to have an even better day.
Deep insights: sleep scores
Deep Insights
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Ease into a calm and relaxed state with meditative sounds personalized to your brain activity
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<span class="text-white/60">Bía</span> Gamechanger
Bía Gamechanger
When you work tirelessly to overachieve in work, social, and life situations, BíaSleep helps bring out your inner superpowers by giving you the sleep you need to perform your best during the day.
<span class="text-white/60">Bía</span> Biohacker
Bía Biohacker
When living a long life full of fun and excitement is important, Bía Sleep helps you become smarter, faster, and stronger through optimized sleep.
<span class="text-white/60">Bía</span> Hero
Bía Hero
When you're keeping society running while the rest of us are asleep, Bía Sleep helps you get sleep when you want, how you want it, so you can perform at your best.
<span class="text-white/60">Bía</span> Sleep Master
Bía Sleep Master
When your relationship with sleep is on edge, Bía Sleep helps guide your mind through the sleep stages using neurofeedback and deep sleep audio.
<span class="text-white/60">Bía</span> Gamechanger
<span class="text-white/60">Bía</span> Biohacker
<span class="text-white/60">Bía</span> Hero
<span class="text-white/60">Bía</span> Sleep Master
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Bía Smart Sleep Mask

Bía Sleep helps control and improve your sleep using cutting-edge technology such as neurofeedback, neural music, and sunrise wake up. With Bía you can have a great night, every night.

from $379