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Mobile App, Wins, and Learnings

Michael here once again with a shiny new update! Let's dive into mobile app development, our wins & learnings, and answer some of your questions from the past update.
Author avatar: Michael Byrne Michael Byrne June 14, 2024 3 min read

Mobile App 📱

We have developed a large portion of the mobile app and we're excited to share our progress! This week we'll be showing you a quick preview of how to begin your night with the Bía Sleep Mask. 


Sleep Settings: You're able to select the music you want to fall asleep to + select how you want to wake up in the morning with the Sunrise Smart Alarm. 

Tagging: By quickly tagging your day it allows you to experiment with different sleep habits and see their impact. For example, you could add a tag for "Melatonin" and track it's use against your sleep stats. 

Our Wins & Learnings 🏆

🏆 We've officially received grants from the Canadian governments for product development. This has allowed us to hire local engineers to accelerate app development. 

🏆 We've successfully implemented Bluetooth! It seems simple, we use Bluetooth everyday and it just works. However, from a firmware perspective, it's a nightmare, and took us several months to get it right.

🚩 A new law in Canada came into effect less than a month ago that requires us to register as an Exporter. This took us about a week, but the good news is that we're now set up for the future.

Your Comments, Our Responses ⚡

Will the Mass Production Bía Sleep Mask be different than what's on the website?

There will be some cosmetic differences for Beta customers, however, none of the functionality of the masks will change for Beta or for Mass Production.

Face-Facing Fabric: Beta will have a black striped fabric instead of a colored striped fabric shown on the website. The black fabric already meets ISO10993 standards allowing us to ship Beta faster.

Straps: During Beta we will test out a variety of head strap types and thicknesses to find the one that fits the best for the most amount of people. We're expecting small changes for mass-production.

Buttons + USB: Buttons for power on/off, volume up/down, and bluetooth are not shown on our website. We've placed them under the foam and we'll indicate where they are with small indents. We're working on updating the website to show this better.

What are the certifications you look for in a manufacturing partner? 

To begin, all of the factories we work with are certified ISO9001 to ensure good manufacturing processes are in place.

We take it a step further and look for ISO13485 certification which is a quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Next, we require all materials to be ISO10993 certified which is specific to the biological safety of medical devices (cytotoxicity, abrasion, sensitization). 

Finally, our electronics are going through FCC and ISED certification for EMFs. Since Bía operates on your head we're subject to additional EMF testing. 

Can you tell us more about timelines?

We know setting delivery timelines by quarter seems obscure, but manufacturing is a slow process and even the smallest of problems can push the launch date back months.

We've learned our lesson that there are still unknown unknowns that we have to push through before we can give you an accurate timeline.

You deserve a concrete timeline, we know this, and as soon as we are able, we will provide precise timelines.


What did you think of this update? Let me know!

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Thanks again for all your support and as always, feel free to email your questions, comments, and concerns.

Sleep well,

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