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Survey Results + Answers to your Questions

Michael here with a long overdue update.
Author avatar: Michael Byrne Michael Byrne May 31, 2024 3 min read

Survey Results 📋

The results are in! Big shoutout to everyone who took the time to message us over the past week.

Based on the feedback, we've decided that we're going to send out emails every 2 weeks with an occasional video.

We'll give you the high level news, plus deep dives into the issues we run into.

As requested from a few of you, we are going to give you more involvement in the making of the product. We're going to add quick surveys to each of our updates so we can collect your questions, group them, and provide answers in the next update.

Your Comments, Our Responses ⚡

What are the specifics around the chipset issue?

We use an incredibly small (but mighty) chip that our manufacturer wasn't able to solder without high failure rates. The solve was to either find specialized equipment or add rigidity to a small section of the board - we ultimately decided to add rigidity.

When the manufacturer missed their deadline, we investigated, and discovered they were outsourcing the work to another factory. In response, we pulled the contract, collected our components, and switched to a manufacturer overseas who has done great work in the past.

Why are you manufacturing overseas and not in Canada or the USA?

Manufacturing local was our first choice and priority. We started projects with one manufacturer in the USA, two in Canada, and we ran into problems with all three.

We believed we would have more control, great communication, and awesome QA but that hasn't been the case for this project. Instead, while reviewing options in China, we found a certified manufacturer who has been excellent to work with.

Why are the delays so long?

Manufacturing is a very slow process. We have 100s of components and if an issue arises with any one of them it sets us back 60-90 days.

For example, the fastest we've been able to print circuit boards is 20 days + 20 days of assembling the components + 20 days of testing to make sure everything works - and that's only if all of the components arrive through customs on time from the US.

How are you speeding up the process?

Andrew and I will be visiting our factories to oversee production and answer questions on-site. We've also purchased all the components to avoid customs delays and stockouts. After that, we'll be doing final assembly and shipping ourselves with our own two hands.

What about "perks" for staying with us through the delays?

Our philosophy is that a united few are stronger than a divided many. We love the support and we'll ensure that gets rewarded.

When we announce travel cases, washbags, and base stations, early backers will be the only ones to see an exclusive price on these new items as a big thank you for sticking with us through the manufacturing process.

These perks will come at a later date. For now, we are focused on getting the mask built and in your hands.


What did you think of this update? Let me know!

Take the Founder Feedback Survey

Thanks again for all your support and as always, feel free to reply to this email with your questions, comments, and concerns.

Sleep well,

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