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Take the Founder Feedback Survey 📋

Michael here with a long overdue update.
Author avatar: Michael Byrne Michael Byrne May 21, 2024 3 min read

Last update, we eagerly announced that we've placed the order for all of the components that go into making the Bía Smart Sleep Mask.

We expected this update to be the time where we announced concrete shipping dates, but as I've learned with developing hardware, it's never that simple.

Summary: We're working with our factories to get things right, we'll be on-site with them to work through any setbacks, and we're striving to get a Bía Sleep Mask in your hands as soon as possible.

Production 🤖

Foam & Fabric

We've completed a major milestone! Our latest samples are soft and comfortable 🛏️ We're currently wrapping up the final details at the factory to make sure each of the layers indexes properly.

Housings, Light Pipes, Speaker Mounts, and more...

These parts are ready for final assembly 🙌


We've encountered issues in the manufacturing process where our star chip, the one that monitors brain activity, required specialized equipment to assemble that our local manufacturer didn't have available. 

Good news: We found a fix! We've made changes to the design, we've selected an alternative factory, and manufacturing has begun. However, because we made changes, it will take an additional 60 days to print and assemble the chips.

Timeline ⏰

The problem with the chipset plus final indexing with the foam pushes the Beta program back 60-90 days, which unfortunately, pushes back delivery of Early Bird to later in Q4 this year.

We know timeline delays are the last thing you want to hear, however, we're not going to send you a product that's half-baked (which seems to be the trend these days).

Your standards are high, our standards are high, and we would rather push the shipping date instead of shipping a product we're not proud of. 

We're sorry for delaying a second time. To prevent additional delays, we'll be visiting our manufacturers in China to oversee production and assembly of Beta.

If we have to build the Bía Sleep Mask with our own hands to deliver it to you, we'll do it. 

Communication 📣

We want to do better. Many of you have reached out for more frequent updates and we want to come up with a schedule that works for everyone. Please take a minute to give us feedback through our quick 4-question survey.

Take the Founder Feedback Survey

Requests ⭐

1️⃣ If you've worked with an electronics manufacturer and have been happy with their results we would love an introduction. It's always good to have backup options 

2️⃣ We're visiting factories for foam, fabric, velcro, and light guides soon. Have you visited China in the past? We would appreciate your tips! 

3️⃣ When you get a second, let us know how we can improve by filling out the Founder Feedback Survey 

Thanks again for all your support and as always, feel free to reply to this email with your questions, comments, and concerns.

Sleep well,

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