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Beta is closed. Colors are locked in.

Michael here with some exciting news!
Author avatar: Michael Byrne Michael Byrne March 25, 2024 2 min read

Michael here with some exciting news!

We have officially closed the Beta program 🙌

We've placed the order for our chipsets, fabrics, foams, and the many other components that go into creating the Bía Smart Sleep Mask 🎉 it's real, and it's finally coming together 

We expect the factories to take 8-10 weeks to acquire parts, begin assembly, and run through our QA processes. Andrew and I are personally visiting the factories, assembling Beta Masks, and making sure our firmware is loaded to ensure everything is working right before your mask is shipped.

This means we'll have Beta Smart Sleep Masks ready to ship in June.

If you're joining us for Beta, watch your email for updates and surveys over the next month.

Let's talk color 🎨

Thank you to everyone who completed the Color survey! After calculating the results, the answer became clear: Keep the original Grey and Black Skins and add Green and Blue as Premium Skins.

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What is a Premium Skin?

The outer layer of the Bía Sleep Mask is removable allowing you to change the color by switching the skin. Premium skins are additional colors shipped separately.

How can I purchase a Black, Blue, or Green Skin?

Black, Blue, and Green are available as Premium skins that you can swap on and off your Bía Smart Sleep Mask. For a limited time, we're offering Black, Blue, and Green.

What happened to Beige, Red, and Gold?

While we were excited to offer all of the colors we had to narrow down it down to a select few for launch.

What about patterns, pastels, purples, and other great colors?

We hear you loud and clear and we will work hard to expand the color selection over the next year.

Thanks again for all your support and as always, feel free to reply to this email with your questions, comments, and concerns.

Sleep well,

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